psychiatric rehabilitation program

psychiatric rehabilitation program

We encourage each person to learn as much as they can about their illness. Therapists will help you move forward in creating a satisfying life. There will be help at school, at home, and in the community – whatever fits your situation. At every point, we will focus on skills and support that everyone needs for a good life.


Health and wellness: Individuals learn skills needed to plan, cook, and store meals as well as follow dietary recommendations based on somatic needs. Members are provided with information on how to maintain overall health and personal hygiene. Individuals have opportunities at the program to an in the community to exercise and promote wellness including regularly scheduled visits to a local gym.

School and leisure skills: Through social skills group and activities at the program, consumers have the opportunity to increase their understanding of effective communication and practice skills with the support of trained staff. Consumers are also able to utilize resources in the community during weekly trips to facilitate the development of support networks in the community and to identify leisure activities.

Community skills: Consumers have the opportunities to learn skills needed to maintain successfully in their chosen living environment. Development of effective budgeting skills, utilization of community transportation and mobility, and access and use of community resources is emphasized. The program provides weekly opportunities to access resources in the community including grocery stores, shopping centers, and libraries to facilitate development of skills.

Recovery:Program groups and activities are held to promote and facilitate consumer movement in their recovery. Topics include crisis management, WRAP development, and symptom management. Groups are also provided to address substance abuse needs to assist consumers in maintaining sobriety.

Computer class: The rehabilitation program provides consumer with free access to a fully functional computer lab. Consumers are also provided with instructions on internet use, resume building, and job searching as well as opportunities to improve typing skills.

Recreational activities: activities are arranged regularly to provide additional activities based on availability and consumer request. Some examples include trip to art museum, group dinners, leisure trips to parks and beaches, and sporting events.

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