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What Causes Violence in Adolescence?

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Many problematic teenagers resort to loss of temper, violence, threats or attempts to hurt themselves or others, animal cruelty, use of weapons, vandalism, and intentional destruction of property. And all of these are disturbing, especially knowing that it is your kids doing these.

But behind all those aggressive behaviors are deep reasons we have to know to discover a potential behavioral health diagnosis. You must probe if the reason is one or a combination of these:

  • Being a victim of bullying and physical or sexual abuse
  • Exposure to violence in the home, community, media, and social media
  • Stressful family situation (poverty, severe deprivation, marital breakup, single parenting, unemployment, loss of support from extended family)
  • Brain damage from head injury or a developmental disability in Maryland
  • The use of alcohol and drugs

Your children need loving people who will embrace them toward better ways of life. They need to undergo interventions like a psychiatric rehabilitation program to recover from the pains and suffering they are going through and gradually recuperate from any mental condition.

And if you need professional mental health professionals to intervene and use proven methods, seek our mental health solutions. A&E Healthcare Services, Inc. will welcome them with open arms.

And in case other family members need outpatient mental health services in College Park, Maryland, do not hesitate to approach us.

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