About US

About US

A&E Healthcare provides individualized clinical treatment and rehabilitation to children, adults, and families. Comprised of comprehensive Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC), Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP), and a Therapeutic Afterschool Program (TASP), our primary goal is to provide quality mental healthcare services to assist our clients in developing and maintaining a well-balanced life.

our mission

To provide comprehensive therapeutic services to effectively support the individual needs of our culturally diverse consumer

our vision

A holistic approach is essential to creating a therapeutic milieu that meets the psychological, physiological, social, spiritual, and cultural needs of our consumers. Families and communities play a vital and necessary role in providing quality Mental/Behavioral Health Care services.


  • To assist the consumer of self-exploration and self-motivation toward the goal of behavioral change
  • To assist consumers in identifying personal treatment goals which address their emotional and psychological needs.
  • To assist in developing positive goals and systems to promote recovery and resiliency.

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