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Offering a Better Choice for You Services We Provide

We guide you to reach ultimate wellness both in body and mind with programs that are specially crafted for your needs.

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Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

Up-to-standard care and treatment in a comfortable, medical setting.

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program for Adults

Improved treatment strategies that help adults cope and live healthily.

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program for Child and Adolescents

Tailor-made programs for the youth suffering from mental health problems.

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Independent Living

Much-needed assistance that seeks to engage and increase one’s skills.

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Introducing A&E Healthcare Services Inc.

Your daily habits and thought processes make up your life and how you see it. When these get disrupted by conflict or disorders, your mental health isn’t the only facet that suffers; your physical health does too. At A&E Healthcare Services Inc., we empower and support adults, children, and their families through quality services that improve their day-to-day living.

We are the agency you can call on for behavioral matters that need professional support.

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Our Service Promise to You Mission Statement

The mission and guiding principle of A&E Healthcare Services psychiatric rehabilitation program are to create a program that sets extraordinary standards of excellence in behavioral health and mental health. We provide supportive and encouraging staff, along with a setting that encourages people to gain hope for themselves.

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