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Depression vs. Sadness: Settling the Score

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depression-vs-sadness-settling-the-scoreWhat does a depressed individual look like?

This innocent question exposes an unfortunate perception: that people who battle depression are those who appear sad. And while there are cases in which depressed people display such behavior, there are a lot of instances when depression is a silent battle.

Let us correct the myth that depression is sadness because it is not. If we continue to attach these two terms, we are risking the quality of care that people with depression need. This also leads to another question on what depression is.

Being sad can be a part of depression, but the patient can also experience a wide array of emotions. When sad people become happy, they have recovered from the negative feeling at that point. Depressed people may be able to feel positive emotions as well as feelings of worthlessness.

Depression can also manifest in physical symptoms such as difficulty sleeping or sudden changes in appetite.

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