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Our Mission

The mission of A&E Healthcare Services is to assist individuals to succeed in their wellness and recovery; increasing their functioning so they are successful and satisfied in the environments of their choice; with the least utilization of professional interventions.

Who We Are

A&E Healthcare Services, Inc. strives to empower and support adults, children, and their families with quality Outpatient Mental Health Services in College Park, Maryland, in the community and at home that will enhance their life skills, educational needs, and extra-curricular needs and set and maintain goals that will improve their quality of life. We give them proper assistance for any behavioral or intellectual challenges they may face.

Why Choose Us

Certified Care – We are certified by the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration.
Experience and Expertise – We believe our years of experience in the rehabilitation industry have made us experts in our field.
Standardized Programs – Our clients’ recovery is what we seek to attain, and with our quality programs, we can help them achieve their desired goals.
Great StaffOur carers aren’t only the best in their chosen field; they’re also very passionate about serving you.

How can we help you?
Get in touch with us here. We are always happy to be of assistance.