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Recovering Yourself Amidst an Illness

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recovering-yourself-amidst-an-illnessAny health condition can lead to some disruption and the more severe the situation is, the situation can get complicated. The majority of one’s efforts would be towards getting better, which can lead to a person feeling they are losing themselves in the health struggle.

Battling an illness is not just the war against the disease but the war against losing oneself.

Whatever disease you have, know that it does not define you. You remain who you are before the diagnosis and you will be who you dream to be.

Understandably, there are activities that you are not allowed to do while on your treatment plan. Some of these activities may be the ones you love doing. But there are other ways to channel your interest. You can also take the time to discover something new or take the preparatory steps to do something after your treatment period.

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