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The Negative Effects of Social Media

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The excessive use of Social Media can bring about the following negative effects.

  • Depression and Anxiety
    Overusing social networking sites could adversely affect your mood. Social media lets you see the carefully-selected best parts of everyone else’s lives — making you compare the negatives in your own life. A primary therapist can help you sort out this concern.
  • Cyberbullying
    You may encounter people against your beliefs who could attack you. What’s worse is a person you know who intentionally creates a fake profile to embarrass you online. And embarrassment is a worse experience for a person – that may sometimes lead to psychiatric rehabilitation in Maryland.
  • FOMO
    The Fear of Missing Out is when you become anxious and envious of people doing cool and fun things without you. Surprisingly, this is one of the most widespread negative effects of social media on users.

These are only a few examples of the negative things people may experience online. And if it starts affecting their lives, including performances at school or work, problems in maintaining relationships, mood changes, aggression, and more, an outpatient mental health services in College Park, Maryland, can help.

People need a behavioral health diagnosis and treatment to find out an escape route from the negative effects of social media usage.

Are you in need of psychiatric evaluations for yourself or a loved one? Get them here at A&E Healthcare Services, Inc.

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