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Tips for Managing Oppositional Defiance in Children

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tips-for-managing-oppositional-defiance-in-childrenA behavioral health diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disease (ODD) refers to a pediatric behavioral disorder distinguished by a clinically significant amount of negative, disobedient, and defiant behavior. A child with substantial behavioral disorders may show signs of anxiousness, have frequent and severe tantrums, be manipulative, and repeatedly defy people in power.

Children with ODD have difficulty controlling their emotions, leading to severe outbursts and tantrums. If your child can control their conduct for a longer period than usual, reward them. Make it clear to your child that you appreciate and notice the extra effort. Find time to have fun and interact with your child whenever your child is calm and acting well.

It is common knowledge that children who are well-rested, physically healthy, and receive adequate nutrition are better able to regulate their emotions. Prioritize exercise, good eating, and proper sleep. An organized, healthy lifestyle will assist not only your child with ODD but also your entire family!

Keep house rules modest and limited so children do not feel suffocated or overwhelmed. Display home rules and decide on repercussions for breaking a rule ahead of time, so kids know what to anticipate if they do. Move on from the incident once your child has satisfied the consequence. Show your child that each new day is an opportunity to make better decisions.

If your child is displaying oppositional defiance or cannot regulate emotions in an age-appropriate manner, we invite you to consider bringing them to A&E Healthcare Services, Inc. We are your trusted outpatient mental health clinic in Baltimore, Maryland.

Visit us immediately if you are considering services that benefit an individual with a developmental disability in Maryland!

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