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Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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understanding-attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorderFor parents whose child has recently been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), these times can surely elicit a whirlwind of emotions. While you are still trying to grasp the situation, we guess you are already thinking of how to support your child and which symptom management would work best for them.

This is something that we empathize with here at A&E Healthcare Services, Inc. That’s why, apart from providing each client a high-quality behavioral health diagnosis in Maryland, we also put our best efforts into making reliable information accessible for families.

In light of that, here are our tips from mental health professionals about how you can best support your child:

  • Be involved.Learn everything you can about ADHD. Follow the treatment plan recommended by your child’s mental health provider and attend all necessary therapy sessions.
  • Work with your child’s school.Make it a point to visit teachers regularly to learn whether or not your child is making progress. Help your child succeed by working together.
  • Parent with purpose and warmth.Learn which parenting practices benefit a child with ADHD and which might aggravate the condition. Most importantly, concentrate on your child’s strengths and positive characteristics.
  • Connect with others for support and awareness.Join a support group to stay up to date on treatment and other important information.

If you wish to access more information on this, or perhaps about our outpatient mental health clinic in Baltimore, Maryland, feel free to reach us anytime!

We are here for you whether you require support for a developmental disability in Maryland or other mental health conditions.

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