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The program that prioritizes you and your needs.

The mission and guiding principle of A&E Healthcare Services’ psychiatric rehabilitation program are to create a program that sets extraordinary standards of excellence in behavioral health and mental health. We provide supportive and encouraging staff, along with a setting that encourages people to gain hope for themselves.


The participant has a PBHS specialty mental health DSM 5 diagnosis and is expected to be stabilized at this level of PRP care.

Medical Necessity Criteria

  • Inability to maintain consistent employment because of psychiatric symptoms
  • Social behavior that results in interventions by the mental health system
  • Inability, due to cognitive disorganization, to function in the community
  • Severe inability to establish or maintain a personal support system
  • Need for assistance with basic living skills

Adult PRP services include:

  • Illness Management
  • Life Coaching Skills
  • Wellness & Nutrition Education
  • Therapeutic Mentoring
  • Socialization/Community Integration
  • Spirituality
  • Transportation Assistance

Skills Training Areas:

  • Self-Care Training
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Planning and Cooking Meals
  • Managing Medications
  • General Health Care Promotion
  • Personal Safety
  • Social Skills Training
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication
  • Socialization
  • Recreation
  • Independent Living and Community Living Skills Training
  • Maintaining Housing
  • Utilizing Community Resources
  • Transportation and Mobility Training
  • Personal Finance and Budgeting
  • Illness Management Skills Training
  • Understand and Deal with Mental Illness as a Disease
  • Deal with Symptoms and Each Person’s Unique Challenges of Daily Living
  • Medication Education
  • How to Recover Your Sense of Self and Your Life Despite Having an Illness
  • Substance Abuse Recovery Training
  • Deal with the Dependence on Illicit Substances
  • Recover Your Sense of Self and Your Life Despite Having an Addiction

Entitlement Services
You may be eligible for government assistance. These services are also offered at each location. In addition, AEHS takes an active part in advocacy, completing applications for and maintaining all entitlements.

Off-site services
Services can be provided off-site at the participant’s discretion and schedule.


  1. Maryland Medicaid and/or proof of application
  2. A psychiatric diagnosis that meets the priority population definition, as determined by the Behavioral Health Authority.
  3. Intake assessment with PRP staff
  4. Ability to attend the PRP from 10 am – 1 pm at least two days each week

What Do I Bring to The Intake?

  1. Social security card, Identification Card, and/or Birth Certificate
  2. Maryland Medicaid Card and any other insurance cards, including Medicare
  3. Name, Address, and Phone Number of current or former Therapist, Psychiatrist, and Medical Doctor
  4. Current medications
  5. Hospitalization records, medical records, and any related records.

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program for Adults

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