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Identifying Signs of Substance Abuse in Teenagers

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Teenagers are susceptible to substance abuse due to stress, anxiety, peer pressure, depression, and other factors. While it may not be easy to recognize, there are ways that can help you tell if your teen has a substance abuse problem.

As a provider of psychiatric rehabilitation in Maryland, we are experts when it comes to mental and behavioral health issues. Allow us to share our knowledge on the common signs of substance abuse in teens so that you and your child get the help that you need as soon as possible.

You could observe certain behavioral changes in them, such as disobeying the rules, losing interest in previously loved hobbies, dumping previous relationships in favor of new ones, or sleeping more or less than normal. Additionally, they could avoid eye contact, often ask for money, skip class or their job, and behave carelessly.

You can also notice physical changes in them, such as significant weight gain or loss, bloodshot eyes, sloppy grooming, and frequent nosebleeds. They may also experience mood swings, anxiety, irritability, paranoia, excessive fatigue, trouble focusing, and headaches.

If your teenager is showing these signs, talk to a primary therapist to get the help that your teen needs and to know all your options.

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