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Signs of ADHD in Adults You Should Be Aware Of

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ADHD is a common developmental disability in Maryland. ADHD or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in adults began in childhood. In other circumstances, ADHD is not detected during childhood but is recognized later in life. Adults may not exhibit the same symptoms as children.

As mental health professionals, we are experts when it comes to behavioral disorders. Allow us to offer our expertise on the most prevalent ADHD symptoms in adults that you should be aware of:

Adult ADHD symptoms include trouble concentrating, prioritizing, organizing, stress management, and planning. It also involves agitation, impulsiveness, mood swings, and poor frustration tolerance. ADHD patients may be irritable and forgetful. They may experience a few significant symptoms that impair their quality of life. Low self-esteem, poor work performance, unstable relationships, and other issues may result.

They may even miss deadlines, forget meetings, and are unorganized at work. Adults with ADHD may struggle with multitasking and task completion. They may be unable to control their impulses, such as while driving or waiting in line. These impulses can range from mild to severe, such as outbursts of rage.

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