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Teenage Substance Abuse: Its Causes and Effects

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Numerous risk factors can be associated with teens’ misuse of drugs. And this does not only concern families but also the community and our nation. As mental health professionals, we are also concerned with the wellness of our teens.

The list below are some reasons why they go for it:

  • Peer Pressure
    Teens want to be accepted and to fit into a company, and to prove their willingness, they’ll likely accept when their friends offer drugs.
  • Self-Medication and Symptom Management
    To cope with depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems, teens often begin trying drugs, hoping to minimize their symptoms.
  • Stimulation
    With lots of pressure related to schooling and extracurricular activities, teens may begin using stimulants to meet the expectations of the people surrounding them.
  • Experimentation
    Teens commonly seek out drugs to know the sensation it brings.
  • To Feel Grown Up
    It’s not surprising that teens want to feel grown-up. Being an adult is new, and being able to drink, smoke cigarettes, or use illicit drugs seems so exciting for them.

The long-term use of drugs will result in a high risk of heart attack, strokes, and seizures. It can damage and cause the failure of the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys. It may also lead to a higher risk of psychotic behaviors or death. At that point, they will need treatment and rehabilitation to avoid hurting themselves and others.

So seek help from our outpatient mental health services in College Park, Maryland, to stop this addiction now. A&E Healthcare Services, Inc. is here to aid families in sorting out addiction problems.

Should a loved one require psychiatric rehabilitation in Maryland for children and adolescents, call 301-477-7930.

But for inquiries about developmental disability in Maryland, call 410-801-9011.

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