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The Effects of Bullying on Children

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Bullying affects people in the community, especially children. It brings detrimental effects on their health, well-being, and development, and will affect everything about them even until they reach adulthood.

Below are some effects of bullying on children:

  • DepressionChildren show signs of sadness, hopelessness, and irritability. They lost interest in activities they used to love and manifested changes in eating, sleeping, and behavior—needing assessments and a behavioral health diagnosis.
  • AnxietyKids display signs of fear and worry. Their fear of specific things, such as insects or animals, might develop into phobias. They become afraid of getting into some situation, like being away from people they love, and are so worried that something bad will happen in the future.
  • Physical harmIf bullying is not properly addressed, your child may cause harm to himself, inflict wounds, or attempt suicidal acts. He may even get involved in furious acts that might cause panic among people.

And this is why it is important to talk to them to determine whether they are experiencing bullying. We have to understand where their actions and feelings come from and provide immediate interventions like psychiatric evaluations to help the children recover from the effects of bullying.

They only have to put their trust in our mental health professionals – to feel safer and grow as happy individuals.

If there is a need for psychiatric rehabilitation in Maryland, our clinic can provide such a service. A&E Healthcare Services, Inc. will be with them every step of the way.

Call our outpatient mental health clinic in Baltimore, Maryland, for more details.

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