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Tips for Storing Your Medications the Right Way

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Being a provider of medication management services, we also encourage our patients to store their medications properly to avoid damage and early expiration. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

Medicines should be maintained in a dry, cool environment. Due to the heat and moisture, pharmacists and medical specialists advise against storing drugs in bathroom cupboards. High humidity levels and direct sunlight exposure should be avoided as well.

To avoid forgetting a dose, it is recommended to keep your prescriptions in drawers or closets that are easy to remember. But your need to take note that you should add locks to these closets if you have young children. This is to prevent them from unintentionally consuming your medications.

Without the doctor’s or pharmacist’s consent, never move your medicines to another container. If want to transfer your medications to a pill box, check with your healthcare provider first to see if it needs to be stored in a particular container. And don’t forget to remove the cotton balls inside the medicine bottle.

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