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What You Need to Know About Autism

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As of 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated the prevalence of autism to be around 1 in 54 children in the United States. Despite its high occurrence, however, many families still lack sufficient knowledge of it. As mental health professionals, this is a gap that we strive to bridge.

In light of that, allow us here at A&E Healthcare Services, Inc., your trusty provider of outpatient mental health services in College Park, Maryland, to equip you with the information you require. What you should know about autism is as follows:

  • Autism symptoms often appear in early childhood, generally before the age of two or three. Early symptoms include delayed speech or language abilities, decreased eye contact, difficulty interacting with others, repetitive behaviors, and intense interest in particular topics.
  • Autism is a spectrum disorder—it encompasses a wide range of characteristics and abilities. Individuals with autism may have varying strengths and challenges in areas such as social skills, communication, sensory sensitivities, and restricted or repetitive behaviors. Likewise, symptom management can also vary per individual.
  • The exact causes of autism are not fully understood. It is believed to result from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Certain genetic mutations and prenatal exposures have been associated with an increased risk of autism, but the specific causes can vary.

Should you require experts in developmental disability in Maryland, you can always rely on us.

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