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When to Consider an Autism Check for Your Child

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As parents, we are always vigilant about our children’s development, health, and well-being. One area of concern for many parents is the possibility of their child having autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As your provider of behavioral health in Baltimore, Maryland, we realize the importance of Early detection and intervention. Here are some key signs to consider if you’re wondering whether your child might benefit from an autism check.

Keep an eye out for any difficulties in your child’s speech and language development. If you notice delayed language skills, a limited vocabulary, or struggles with non-verbal communication, like gestures and facial expressions, it might be a reason to seek evaluation. You might consider visiting an outpatient mental health clinic in Maryland.

Watch how your child interacts with others. A lack of interest in forming friendships, difficulty with maintaining eye contact, and trouble engaging in reciprocal conversations can be red flags. Many children with autism exhibit repetitive behaviors or activities. These might include hand-flapping, rocking, or a strong fixation on particular interests to the exclusion of others. Our outpatient mental health services in Maryland are accessible services you can choose from.

Children with autism frequently have heightened or diminished sensitivities to sensory stimuli. If your child reacts strongly to sensory experiences, such as lights, sounds, textures, or tastes, it could signal a need for evaluation.

It’s important to note that every child is unique, and these signs are not definitive proof of autism. Early assessment and intervention provide the supportĀ and resources needed to help your child thrive.

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